A Special Message from the President of NOCCCA
August 2019

Dear NOCCCA subscribers and friends,

It takes volunteers to plan and produce the NOCCCA season.

Before the season of concerts begins, volunteers determine the season budget; the calendar performance dates; determine the variety of concerts; review available artists and select and contract with them; learn their needs and secure biographical details for program booklets; prepare, print, and mail the season brochure; update the website; mail tickets to subscribers; secure advertisers; seek donor sponsors; and design and print each concert program booklet.

At the concerts, volunteers meet and greet, and check tickets at the entrances; set up the performance area; sometimes work on sound and lights at a rehearsal and before the concert; help with placing handicapped parking signs; secure refreshments and arrange them for the post-concert receptions; and do the moving and cleaning up to put the venue to bed after concerts conclude.

No one of these many tasks is extraordinarily difficult.  But together they constitute a significant undertaking.  The persons who have made NOCCCA possible for many years are now discontinuing their effort and want to pass the planning and production of the concerts to others.

At the meeting of the Association's Board of Directors in March, 2019, it was agreed that the viability of a 2019-2020 season of concerts was dependent on present subscribers and other interested persons coming forward to shoulder some of the responsibilities of planning and staging the performances.  We have issued the call at every concert and posted a letter on the NOCCCA website.   There was no response.

The North Orange County Community Concerts organization has had a 73 years long run, producing many fine musical events with gifted artists.  The mission of NOCCCA has remained the same -- to produce excellent live musical programs and opportunities for talent to be seen and heard in an easily-accessible local venue at a nominal cost.

But through those seven decades Orange County and the larger society have undergone significant changes.  New technologies and many added entertainment alternatives have contributed to the loss of many community concerts organizations in surrounding cities and to the steady decline in our local NOCCCA subscriptions.

With the reduced number of subscribers, these last several seasons have been financially possible only with the contributions of generous donor/sponsors.  The concert attendance, never large in recent years, was much reduced this last season.  Some attending subscribers have expressed distress that given the fine performance, the audience was so small; others stated their embarrassment for the performing artists.

We did have a fine season of first-rate performances:  All in the Family Trio; Pianist David Pinto and coloratura soprano Cristina Jones; vocalist Deborah Johnson and her son Dave; Gary Could and Dave Champagne in a Celtic Celebration; and pianist Jay C. Munns.  True.  They deserved a larger audience than we could deliver, but ours was a very appreciative one.

On behalf of the NOCCCA Board of Directors, thanks sincerely to the loyal subscribers, the advertisers, and the generous donors for their support of North Orange County Community Concerts over the years.

A special note of thanks to Eileen and John "Jack" Jackson for their extraordinary work in keeptng NOCCCA vital.  Eileen remarked to me that they have been involved together in NOCCCA for almost the whole of their married life.  They recently celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary.  Again thanks, Eileen and Jack.

Best wishes for enjoying many future years of good musical performances.  I hope there will some that bring us together again.

Your truly,

Maurice F. Meysenburg
President, NOCCCA
H: 714-871-2836 C: 714-873-5288



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